Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 : Select your desired pattern. Apply double-sided craft tape.

Step 2 : Attach the mosaic tiles to your desired surface. You may also use PVA glue to adhere the tiles. Leave about 1-2mm gaps between the tiles to allow for grouting.

Step 3 : You may cut the tiles to get the desired shape. Cutting is easy. Use a tile nipper, position the tile to be cut. Place it inside a cup or plastic bag so that it does not fly out when its cut.


Step 4 : Your mosaic is completed. You can now grout your mosaic piece.

Step 5 : Mix grout powder with water to a ratio 2:1 (grout powder  2  part : water 1 part). Approximately 2 table spoon of powder. For bigger surface area increase to your required amount.

Step 6 : Stir evenly, until you get a paste. The mixture should be of the consistency of mayonnaise.

Step 7 : Apply the grout mixture onto your mosaic surface.

Step 8 : Spread evenly, filling up all the gaps in between. Clean off excess grout with a damp sponge (squeeze out all water) or a wet tissue.

Step 9 : Wait for a few minutes, then clean the surface with a damp cloth. Leave it to dry in room temperature. Grout will be fully dry in 24 hours. Your mosaic piece is now grouted!